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Judith Thomson

Judith lives near Brighton in Sussex and writes historical novels set in 17th Century England and France, following the life and adventures of Philip Devalle, who is half-French.

Her stories are based around actual events of the period and feature some of the real people from that time alongside her own characters. Her books are carefully researched and she has gained much of her inspiration from her frequent visits to Paris and Versailles.


Danny Nevill

Danny Nevill is a multi-award winning entrepreneur and founder of several successful businesses. Selling from the age of 11, turning a £50 holiday investment into a £500 return, was just the beginning.

Danny oversees various companies in different locations and sectors, and has featured on The Only Way is Essex, Be Your Own Boss and The Apprentice. 

Some of Danny’s well known companies include Universal Web Design, Your Next Car, Nexus Networking and Nevill Developments, however, he is also a shareholder in several of the world’s largest brands.

An experienced landlord with a property portfolio throughout the UK, Danny is a proactive, open minded, problem solving, ambitious entrepreneur who focuses on solutions to any problems.

Danny stars on Chat & Spin Radio once a month at 5pm on the 2nd Thursday of the month, for all of our 840,000 listeners to tune in, listen to, learn and take inspiration from.


Nexus Networking is an online business networking organisation that connects business owners throughout the UK, using ZOOM as its meeting platform.

Everyone knows the old adage of “It’s not what you know, but who you know” yet very few businesses owners or people for that matter, actually exercise this truth, subsequently, Nexus is that exact platform, to help you connect with decision makers and businesses you may never had been able to without membership.

Nexus is a low-cost investment that boasts high returns for its members. Some members have achieved £80,000 in revenues from Nexus alone in one year. 

With membership being only £195 for the first year, you can see why business owners and sales professionals love Nexus Networking.

Much more than simply winning business, Nexus enables you to expand your network, meet new people, form friendships and gain access to join venture opportunities. 

Furthermore, boost your confidence in a safe and supportive environment through presentation and speaker opportunities. 

Universal Web Design is a multi-award winning Digital Marketing Agency with over 700 clients throughout the UK. UWD prides itself in high-quality, low-cost marketing services that businesses can afford long term. 

Marketing is not a sprint, it is a marathon, hence the importance for ongoing activities via several media channels. Universal supports businesses with Websites, Marketing, Video, Photography, Apps and Print. 

UWD are Google Partners and pride themselves on being the one stop shop for small businesses, making it the marketing hub for business owners to go to.

Whether you have an idea, are starting up or have an established business, Universal Web Design can help you all, with prices and packages to suit every budget. Spread payment options also support new businesses even more so. 

Your best next step is to contact UWD on 01206 588 000 and talk with a marketing specialist. You can arrange a meeting, zoom call, face to face or head over to their stunning offices. Whatever is best for you.

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