Dame Shirley Bassey has been awarded the freedom of her home city of Cardiff.

The 82-year-old, who was born in Tiger Bay and grew up in Splott, has sold more than 135 million records over seven decades.

Some of her best-known songs include James Bond theme tunes Diamonds Are Forever and Goldfinger, and she has collaborated with several stars.

The ceremony took place at City Hall earlier.

Dame Shirley told crowds outside that “Cardiff especially” was important to her.

She said the award was “up there with becoming a Dame. It’s probably more so, because not many people get freedom of the city. There are a lot of Dames around”.

After the ceremony, she said: “It was so emotional. I said I wasn’t going to cry and I did.

“When they were reading [my achievements] all out that was it. I was like ‘did I do all that?'”

The singer will become “the first musician and the first person of the arts” to get the honour, Cardiff council leader Huw Thomas said at the ceremony.

“Her voice has provided the soundtrack to key moments in the life of our city and of our nation,” he added.

It is the highest honour the city can bestow on an individual and was first awarded in 1886.

Other recipients of the award include Nelson Mandela and Princess Diana.

The freedom honour also marks Dame Shirley’s patronage to local children’s charity Noah’s Ark.