Police are treating the display of offensive material on a bonfire in Londonderry as a “hate incident”.

It comes after a number of flags and banners about Soldier F appeared on the bonfire in the city’s Bogside on Thursday afternoon.

In a statement, the Democratic Unionist Party (DUP) said it had complained about the items and asked for them to be removed.

The PSNI said they will continue to “gather evidence”.

A number of homes close to the bonfire, which was lit on Thursday night, have been boarded up.

In a social media post, PSNI Foyle said the material was “perceived as offensive and distasteful”.

“We are treating this as a hate incident and will continue to gather evidence as this evening continues,” the statement added.

“Where crimes have been committed and suspects identified they will be brought before the courts.

“As always we will continue to engage with local representatives throughout the night to ensure the safety of everyone in the city.”