NI 100: ‘Peace in Northern Ireland is credit to people

The continued peace in Northern Ireland is a credit to its people, the Queen has said.

In a message to mark 100 years since the creation of NI, she called it “a significant centenary for both the United Kingdom and Ireland”.

“This anniversary reminds us of our complex history,” she said.

She added that it provided “an opportunity to reflect on our togetherness and our diversity”.

Her message came exactly 100 years since the state was founded on 3 May 1921.

Legislation was enacted which created a border in Ireland for the first time, and led to its partition.

Legislation was enacted which created a border in Ireland for the first time, and led to its partition.

The Queen also paid tribute to NI’s “rich mix of identities, backgrounds and aspirations”.

She said political progress and the peace process were “rightly credited to a generation of leaders who had the vision and courage to put reconciliation before division”.

“Above all, the continued peace is a credit to its people, upon whose shoulders the future rests,” she added.

She also acknowledged the contribution of “our friends and closest neighbours” towards peace in Northern Ireland. She recalled her visit with Prince Philip to Ireland ten years ago.

Sending her warmest good wishes, she said: “Across generations, the people of Northern Ireland are choosing to build an inclusive, prosperous, and hopeful society, strengthened by the gains of the peace process.

“May this be our guiding thread in the coming years.”

Prime Minister Boris Johnson called it a “very significant national anniversary”.

Throughout this centenary year, the government would highlight all that is brilliant about Northern Ireland, he said on Twitter.

From its “world class fintech industry and research capabilities” to its “inspiring young people and its vibrant culture of arts and sport”.

But he added that it was important to reflect on Northern Ireland’s “complex history”.

“People from all parts of Northern Ireland, the Republic of Ireland, the United Kingdom and across the globe will approach this anniversary in different ways with differing perspectives,” he said.