Northern Ireland: Banbridge: Lorry’s roof sheared off by low bridge

A lorry has had its side and roof ripped off after hitting a low bridge in Banbridge, County Down.

The incident happened as the lorry drove under a 19th Century stone bridge in the town centre, known as The Cut, on Monday.

The Cut, built in 1834, was constructed to assist horse-drawn carts accessing the town’s steep main street.

Accidents involving high-sided vehicles are relatively common. The bridge is low and the road narrows underneath it.

In July 2017, the bridge was hit by a vehicle for the fourth time in less than a year.

Police, who attended Monday’s incident, have previously advised drivers of high-sided vehicles to know the height and dimensions of their lorries before passing under bridges.

In November 2016, a prison service van lost its roof when it hit the bridge. The following day, a second lorry became stuck under the bridge.