The DUP has accused the government of preparing for a Brexit U-turn after the chancellor suggested another referendum would be a “credible proposition”.

The DUP has also insisted that it does not support the UK joining a customs union with the EU.

On Wednesday, chief whip Sir Jeffrey Donaldson hinted the DUP might be open to a customs union.

But on Thursday, he criticised “halfway houses” and “staging posts”, saying it was not the Brexit people voted for.

Meanwhile, his DUP colleague Sammy Wilson hit out at Chancellor Philip Hammond for suggesting another referendum would be a “credible proposition”, before signing off on a deal.

Speaking in the Commons on Thursday, Mr Wilson said: “Are we beginning to see yet the start of another U-turn by a government which has abandoned all of its promises to go forward with a no deal, to have no border down the Irish Sea and to ensure we leave the EU on 29th March?”

Labour has called for a permanent customs union with the EU and is in talks with the government about reaching a compromise.