Solar eclipse: Shetland ‘will be best place in UK for view’

Shetland is expected to have the best view in the UK of a solar eclipse on Thursday, experts have said.

Some parts of the world will see the annular eclipse or so-called ring of fire in full, but from the UK there will be a partial solar eclipse.

Shetland is expected to have a 39% obscuration, which indicates how much of the sun’s disc area is covered as a percentage.

It is followed by Lochinver at 36.8%, Inverness at 35% and Edinburgh at 31%.

The figures have been detailed by the BBC’s Sky at Night Magazine, ahead of Thursday morning’s eclipse.

Unst-based organisation Wild Skies Shetland, which organises sky-related events, is looking forward to the spectacle.

Secretary Jane Macaulay said: “The further north you are, the more of the sun will be obscured by the moon.

“Watching from Unst, the most northerly island in the UK, folk will be in the best position in the whole country to observe the phenomenon.”