Three saved after Felixstowe tidal current rescue goes wrong

Three men had to be rescued after two of them attempted to save a friend who had been caught in a tidal current.

Jordan Wright, Jermaine Jones and Justin Leigh Summers were taken to hospital, but are recovering at home.

Mr Wright said he slipped on a rock and banged his head in Felixstowe on Saturday afternoon while trying to rescue Mr Jones with Mr Leigh Summers.

Felixstowe Coastguard Rescue Team warned people should not be “tempted to attempt a rescue yourself”.

Mr Wright said he and Mr Leigh Summers were injured going to the aid of Mr Jones, who had been pulled “in really, really deep” by the current.

Mr Wright said he had slipped on a rock and banged his head, while the current had pushed Mr Leigh Summers “against a rock and he hit his ribs”.

The coastguard was helped with the rescue by three ambulances and a fast response car from the East of England Ambulance Service (EEAST).

“We all got out alive, it could have been a lot worse,” Mr Wright said.

A Facebook post from the coastguard confirmed two of the men had suffered head injuries and all three had been taken to hospital.

It said: “Although everybody did the right thing by dialling 999 and requesting the Coastguard, please do not be tempted to attempt a rescue yourself as you are putting your own life at risk.”

A spokeswoman for the EEAST said: “We treated three patients on scene and conveyed two of those patients to Ipswich Hospital for further care and treatment.”