Wales: Covid: ‘two-month’ vaccine wait for housebound woman, 84

A housebound 84-year-old woman has been told she may have to wait up to two months to have her coronavirus vaccine if she cannot get to her GP surgery.

Stuart Wilson said his mother Julia was immobile and she required two people with a hoist to get her up.

He said her surgery in Sketty, Swansea, called on Tuesday offering a jab but they were told it would take time to arrange a house visit.

Welsh Government said a mobile service can take the vaccine to the housebound.

Swansea Bay University Health Board has been asked to comment.

More than 175,000 vaccines have been administered across Wales so far.

Under Welsh Government plans, the goal is for everyone over the age of 70 to be offered a vaccination by mid-February.

“I’m appalled,” said Mr Wilson. “It’s completely immoral.”

Mr Wilson said the call left his mother “concerned and distressed” so with her permission he spoke to the GP surgery himself.

She has been with the surgery, which is the Sketty branch of Sketty and Killay Surgeries, for about five years, and they are familiar with her condition as she receives home visits for flu jabs.

“What I can’t understand is how they can invite somebody for a vaccination and then turn around and say because you’re housebound, they can’t give it yet,” he added.

“I’m not asking for preferential treatment; we’re not asking to be bumped up the list. I was disgusted by the total lack of information.”