Wales; Pilot’s frustration at hotel quarantine during family bereavement

A pilot has described his fury at being forced to stay in quarantine despite his father-in-law going missing following the death of his wife.

Capt Ryan Harris, from Worcester, returned to the UK from Qatar after the death of his mother-in-law.

While having to quarantine at a hotel, his father-in-law went missing and Capt Harris asked if he could help in the search.

The Department for Heath and Social Care turned his request down.

Capt Harris said he was “climbing the walls” at being unable to help his family and the coastguard look for Bob Cuthbertson.

Mr Cuthbertson’s car was found next to a disused quarry on Holyhead mountain a few days after he disappeared and the family believe the 82-year-old, “distraught with grief”, took his own life.

Capt Harris said he “felt absolutely hopeless” in his hotel room.

“My wife was distraught, she just needed me there,” he said. “She’d just buried her mother two weeks previously and now she’s just lost her father.”

His mother-in-law Anne Cuthbertson, who lived in Holyhead, Anglesey, died in June after being diagnosed with cancer.